Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel: being myself is the price that I pay. The last 8 years in Holland, popmusic took a turn and Jett Rebel was driving. You just could not ignore him. He's extravagant, pure of heart and does everything for the Music. Until it strikes him down. Sometimes literally... Live: All Dutch media love to compare him with the biggest names in the history of popmusic, but Jett Rebel is mainly being Jett Rebel, always trying to realize his personal ambitions. He wants to rock, rock and rock some more. An average Jett Rebel show lasts 3 hours, without ever losing focus nor energy. Like a passionate superhero he flies around on stage, coordinating every show with his charming enthusiasm, setting the band, as well as the crowd, on fire. Jett Rebel gives all he has got. To you. At a Jett Rebel concert he is there for you, and not the other way around. Since 2013 he played over 250 festivals sold out 10 clubtours. If he's not on stage, he's in his studio recording albums. Albums: All instruments on his albums are played and recorded by himself, and (of course) he wrote all the songs. In a time where there's more demand for singles, Jett Rebel is an album-artist. They are all stories with a beginning, a middle and an end. Every album has it's own unique sound, because Jett Rebel constantly wants to reinvent himself. Feel free to hop on board of this high speed train! Between January 2016 and January 2017 he released 3 albums in 12 months. For Jett Rebel recording music is like breathing fresh air; an absolute necessity. It's an ongoing process. Jett Rebel never stops. Mind you, he writes, records and produces all music himself, playing all instruments, singing all the songs... like a one man band. Media: All Dutch media try to get Jett Rebel on their shows and in their magazines and newspapers, because you never know what's going to happen when he's on. The viewers, the listeners and the readers: he gets them all on the edge of their seat, eager to find out what Jett's next move is going to be. Sometimes he is worried and shy, other times endearingly funny. And sexy! You may hate him or love him, but there's no denying the fact that he's the best in being himself. All his albums charted Top 10 in the Netherlands. Partners: Neil O’ Brien Entertainment is our international agent, working with various promotors in different countries, such as Very Group in France, Live Nation in Scandinavia, Gadget in Switzerland and Mercury Wheels in Spain. Also, Jett Rebel works with Mojo in the Netherlands and Greenhouse Talent in Belgium. Since 2021 Jett Rebel has also teamed up with Warner Music as label for the release of future albums. International: Jett Rebel has played club-shows and major festivals in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom. International shows include Sziget Festival, RockPalast, Radio Eins Berlin Festival and Blue Balls Festival in Luzern. During a London showcase at Notting Hill Arts Club, the reviewer of renowned live-blog GigSoup reported: “It’s been a long time since I have witnessed so many young people going that physically crazy at a gig, almost bouncing off the walls and certainly each other, throwing themselves around the venue.” Producer: So far Jett Rebel has self-produced most of his own albums, he has also produced the most recent album from Dutch female star Trijntje Oosterhuis, for this work he was once again nominated for an Edison Award. More importantly, Jett Rebel is currently assigned as producer for the comeback album from legendary pop-duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, their first studio-work since 2003, Jett is currently writing and recording with them.

Discography (studio): 2014: Venus & Mars 2014: Hits for Kids 2016: Truck 2016: Don't Die On Me Now 2017: Super Pop 2018: 7 2019: Yeah Yeah Yeah, No (EP) 2021: Pre-Apocalypse Party Playlist Discography (Live): 2015: Tight Like a Baby Tiger 2019: Live

Forever Awards: 3FM Award - Serious Talent 2014 3FM Award - Best New Act 2014 Edison Award - Beste New Act 2014 3FM Award - Best Live Act 2015, 2016 3FM Award - Best Social Artist 2017

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